Friday, March 24, 2006

Like I Have the Time

I really should not start another blog, but my knitting obsession has returned full force and I have discovered an entire culture of knitting blogs out there in cyberspace and I want to get me in on the action!

About Me: You've probably already read the standard profile, so here are the knit facts. I have been knitting since about six years of age, when I was home sick one day and was driving my mother crazy, so she taught me. I have never looked back. I tend to stick to smaller projects as they offer immediate gratification, but would like to start something big one day, like an afghan or something. I tend to get repetetive strain from knitting so much, but that does not stop me, no sirree! I just slap on the old wrist support and keep goin'!

This is where I'd like to meet some other knit fiends that are youngish and enjoy it as much as I do! I've already found so many blogs, can't wait to find more!