Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Knitting Angst

Okay, I now have four garments on the go. One is still the sweater for my daughter. She will be too big for it by the time I finish it. Two is a one piece outfit for my son, turning out really weird and I am disappointed with it, so have abandoned it temporarily. Three is a self-created baby shrug for my son for sleeping in, not done yet because it was repetitious and now the boy has pulled the needle out and I have to pick up all of the stitches. Four is my most current project that I was going great guns on, a sweater for myself - I have reached the part where you join the back and fronts and knit in the round and I am flummoxed by it. It does not look right no matter what I do with it. Can it be this hard? ARGH!

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