Saturday, December 30, 2006

A New Project!

Another baby has arrived! On Thursday, a new little cousin made it (finally) into the world, female to boot!

After checking my supply of any pink yarn and finding it woefully lacking (WHAT?), I naturally had to immediately race off to Three Bags Full (my first time) and purchase, not one kind, but two different yarns because I couldn't make a decision. I got Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in the loveliest pale purple. The color dyelot is 30. I also picked up Blue Sky Cotton in a gorgeous creamy pink. I am not sure which I will choose (if not both); the cashmerino is so beautiful to work with and knits up quick, but you do have to hand wash the finished product I think, or at least air dry it. The cotton is so deliciously soft that I think I want to make myself a sweater out of it! But not until I finish that other one! I still need to get to the knitting group and seek help with the circular knitting thing.

Anyway, that's the update for now - went out last night with the girls and am tired and mildly hungover. Joy.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Winter Mini Knitting Project

I'm making a little tiny holder for my daughter's brand new MP3 player. I'll try and post a picture when it's done, but you know how I am with that stuff, just read my other (main) blog!

I've had the blahs lately and have wanted to knit something, but the thought of starting a new project has been very overwhelming. I finished the two little sweaters, one turned out awesome and I kind of winged that one. The other one needs a fix and I'm too lazy to unpick the hand sewing to correct it right now. Good thing that baby isn't coming until February!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Favorite Needles

Without a doubt, my favorite knitting needles are my 4.0mm Aeros. I am always hoping that a project will call for size 4mm needles so I can use them. Or that I can fudge it if, say, the pattern asks for 3.75mm. I've gotten away with it before! I have lots of knitting needles. Some of them I inherited from my mother, some of them I inherited from my mother, some I have purchased. I am pretty sure these ones came from Mom. I don't think I have any fancy needles. I recently purchased some wooden ones from eBay and I have to say I am less than pleased with them. The yarn sticks to them and won't slide at all. Aggravating since I bought a whole set of them.

I love my Aeros because they have the right weight to them, the yarn always moves along them perfectly and they feel cool in your hand. Perhaps I will try to find more of these excellent tools.

Then I can enjoy knitting even more!

What are you favorite sticks to work with?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Like Free Stuff!

Recently I was informed by Rabbitch that I had won some yarn all for knitting a hat towards her hat drive for the homeless. I was, needless to say, delighted! And it is beautiful Noro Kureyon in color number 92. I can't wait to think of something to cast on and let sit there for several years while I begin numerous other projects! I'm so excited! The best part though, of course, was getting to meet Rabbitch and her little Muppet, who is incredibly cute and not at all shy!

So feeling all good about myself, I logged onto my Yahoo account and discovered I had won a book through the Yummy Mummy Club website, operated by Erica Ehm (remember her from MuchMusic?) It's the Super Nanny book, but hey, it's FREE!

Then the next day, my husband received notification that he had won a digital camera through the B.C. Lifestyles Lottery. Okay, not exactly the house we were hoping for, but a nice thing anyway.

December be a lucky month here in the Knitty Girl's home, yes indeedy!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back to Beginnings

When I was a teenager, the only thing I used to knit was baby sweaters. They were fast, easy and fun to do and made great gifts. I started a sweet little baby sweater a couple of days ago and it is zooming along! I can't wait until it is finished! There are three babies coming along between December and February, so I am sure each lucky little one will get something! I'll try and post a photo once it's done!