Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Okay - so remember I had never knit from charts before? Well, I was knitting on Reid and thinking that it just didn't look right, but pressed forward thinking blocking might help. I had basically completed the back and both fronts and had just started on a sleeve. The sleeve has three charts to include for increases and I had completed one chart and was moving on to the next when I finally noticed the numbers down the right side of the chart. I puzzled over these because if you looked at them from top to bottom, the numbers got smaller. It started to dawn on me that these were row numbers and then I got a little sick feeling in my stomach. Maybe I was supposed to be knitting not only from the bottom up, but from right to left. I was doing the complete opposite. I googled it. Yep. Hoo Boy.

So, I pulled it all out and have started over. Only to have to pull back another six inches that I'd done because I dropped a stitch and there are so many yarn overs that it is impossible to pick up again. But now I am humming along and it finally looks right to me! Success!

Time gone by I would have abandoned the project altogether. I'm proud that I am staying with this one.