Monday, July 17, 2006

What's On the Sticks?

I've got a couple three projects on the go. One is the one I mentioned in my previous post: Reid by Brooke T. Higgins, from the Knitty site. It's so cute and I hope I can actually finish it for Kestrel. As I mentioned, it is the most challenging thing I've ever knit. I have never knit from charts before (but have discovered that to be actually easier than having it all written out) and I have learned a new stitch (ssk). Shocking to me that I have been knitting for so long and don't actually know everything....nothing actually. I guess I have just been knitting the same things over and over without really realizing it. And now that I have discovered the beautiful internet world of knitting a whole new aspect is opened up to me!

The next project is a first for me and so far it isn't going well. I have never knit socks before and have never knit on more than two needles. I am finding it tricky. Plus because I am trying to alter a pattern (sure, make it harder on yourself Heather), I am getting confused. So I may have to start again or even take a sock knitting course (they run them over at Urban Yarns). I'd really like to make a pair of socks for Hayden because his feet are such an odd size and shape - he currently is "between" sock sizes (0-6 months and 6-12 months), which is crazy because the smaller size is pretty much too small but the next size up is way too big. WTF? So I figured if I could make him some, problem solved. Looks like he'll have to wait while. Plus the yarn I chose (Coats Gedifra) is knitting up fairly thick, so these will end up being winter socks. Anyone out there know of a really fine sock knitting yarn? Something that would knit up really lightweight for a baby?

The third project is a pair of slippers for Kestrel that look like "fairy boots" (or jester shoes). I am having to invent these as I could not locate a pattern anywhere online for them. I am using a basic slipper pattern that I have known for years, but am altering it slightly and then am going to try and knit in the round for the pointy curled toe part. I'll let you know how it goes, or if it fails and I abandon it as usual. I have knitting ADD (I stole that one from Wenchlette) for sure.

Well, that's it for now. I have pictures to upload of the first two projects, but am too lazy to do it right now. Later.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lazy or What?

Okay, so I am a lazy blogger - just check out my other one(s).

Word up: Knitting Meetup Group in Vancouver....ROCKS!!! I have finally met some ladies with the same interests as me and they are FABULOUS! And I can knit in public now. Hey, all the cool kids are doing it! My husband rolls his eyes, but I suppose I would have his full approval if the group was renamed to Super Ultra Sex Kittens who Do Anything You Want.

Current project.

It's a challenging one for me. I have never knit from charts before, but have discovered that it is WAY better than having to read each and every instruction. Plus, after years of typing, I can memorize the short pattern sequences and not have to keep looking at the pattern. (I never was a touch typist!) I just hope I can finish it before it is too small for Kestrel, otherwise? Big waste of time. But it has been fun and I have learned a couple things from it, including a new stitch that my mom didn't even know. I am knitting it in the color shown. Turns out I have been in a severe knitting rut forever and now these great ladies will be showing me "the way". For example, I have never knit socks and have been scared to, but the ladies have reassured me that there is nothing to be afraid of. So I am going to start small and knit some socks for Hayden, since nothing fits his fat little square feet anyway. How can a baby be between the sizes of 0-6 months and 6-12 months when he is already a year old?

Anyway, big lovin' to my knittin' homies! It's nice to have an addiction that one actually benefits from and is not detrimental to my health.